NHS Use of Medical Records

You may have received in the post a leaflet from NHS England called ‘Better information means better care’.

This leaflet refers to the care.data system and explains how the NHS may access and use your data.  We understand that this information can be confusing and cause concern.    

We think that it is important that our patients understand the difference between care.data, the Summary Care Record (SCR) and the Hampshire Health Record (HHR) to help you make a decision about opting out.

The HHR is a local scheme that allows OOH, Ambulance and Emergency services as well as GPs and Hospital Consultants access to medical record data.  The data made available on the HHR is limited; it includes allergy information, medication, diagnosis, tests & treatments.

The SCR is a national programme that enables healthcare professionals access to the SCR database and patient information if you require medical treatment elsewhere in the country.  This information, which comes from our clinical system, is very limited: Medication, Allergies and Adverse drug reactions.

With both the HHR and SCR you will be asked for consent to access this data when you require medical treatment.

The care.data information is used in a different way, not directly related to your personal healthcare.  This information is intended to be used to plan health and social care services, as well as by approved researchers and organisations outside the NHS to improve patient care.   To read more about this please click here.

You can opt out of any of these information streams at any time.  If you choose to do so please click here for our opt out form and bring it into the surgery next time you come in.

Click here for more information on your electronic records and how they help the NHS provide you with better care.