Practice Charter

This charter sets out the standards you should expect from the surgery, and some of the ways that you can help us to reach these standards, under these headings:

How we can help you.

How you can help us.

For similar information relating to the NHS as a whole, see the NHS website.

How we can help you:

You, the patient, are entitled to:

 point Be treated with courtesy and respect.
 point Confidentiality.
 point Receive the best possible service that we can provide.
 point Ten minute booked appointment.  Please bear in mind that the doctor sometimes needs extra time with some patients or to deal with unexpected emergencies, and unavoidable delays may therefore occur. The receptionist will endeavour to explain if this is the case.
 point Be seen in a clinical emergency, even if all appointments have been booked.
 point Whenever possible be seen within one working day by a healthcare professional or two days by a GP. If you wish to see a specific GP you may have to wait longer.
 point A consultation with a lady doctor, if appropriate and she is available.
 point A home visit as appropriate if you are too ill or infirm to attend the surgery.
 point The provision of emergency cover at all times outside surgery hours.
 point The most appropriate care or treatment, by suitably qualified people, after discussion with you.
 point Be referred for a second opinion to a consultant acceptable to you, if both you and your GP agree this is desirable.
 point A health check on joining.
 point See your health records, subject to any limitations in the law.  A fee may be charged to cover costs.
 point Appropriate advice by the Primary Care Team regarding the steps you may take to promote good health and avoid illness, e.g. smoking, exercise, diet and immunisations, and on self-help if you have a minor ailment.
 point Advice on when and  how to obtain the results of any tests or X-rays you may have.
 point Have any suggestions you make to improve the service considered by the appropriate team members and be given a response.
 point A reply to a written complaint, from the Practice, within seven working days.
 point Be retained on Practice list, subject to accepting your own responsibilities towards the Practice and other patients.

How you can help us:

In return, we ask you:

 point To be courteous to staff at all times; they are working under the doctors’ orders in the best interests of all our patients. Abusive or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated and in such circumstances the police will be notified and the patient removed from the practice list. Such patients will have to attend a doctor determined by the PCT for future appointments.
 point To make every effort to see the doctor at the surgery to ensure the best use of medical time and facilities.
 point To call before 11 am where possible for home visits to ensure we can plan our day effectively to everyone’s benefit. Please bear in mind that home visits are extremely time consuming. They must be medically justifiable and not requested for social convenience.
 point To give the practice adequate notice if you are unable to keep any appointment so that it can be offered to someone else.
 point To make an appropriate appointment, especially if it is for a particular service such as a cervical smear or diabetic check; the receptionist will be happy to advise you.  Where another member of your family needs to be seen or discussed as well, a double appointment should be booked with the receptionist.
 point To be realistic about the urgency of your need for an appointment.  Bear in mind that seeing patients on an emergency basis inconveniences and delays other patients.
 point To bring relevant information to the surgery to make consultations as effective as possible.
 point To give adequate notice in writing of your need for a repeat prescription, well before your supply of medication runs out.  Telephone requests will not normally be accepted as this can lead to confusion. All patients are now able to register on-line to request repeat prescriptions.  The Prescriptions section of our website provides full details on how to access this service.  Email requests are acceptable – to – until the end of March 2014.
 point To make out-of-hours calls (i.e. evenings, nights and weekends) only if they are absolutely necessary.
 point To inform us if you change your name, address or telephone number, as we may need to contact you urgently.
 point To take advantage of the health check you will be offered as a new patient joining the practice list, so that we can offer you the best medical care.
 point To follow carefully any medical advice you are given and attend appointments when asked to by the medical team.
 point To enquire in the afternoons about the results of any tests and investigations you may have had.
 point To discuss fully with your doctor if you wish to arrange a specialist appointment.