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The Grange Surgery Patient Participation Group (PPG)
The Grange Surgery Patient Participation Group (PPG) has a maximum of fourteen members, the PPG meets at around four times a year and is joined by the Deputy Practice Manager and one of the GP Partners.

Representing the Practice population we meet to discuss, canvas, gather information and feedback on issues that have been highlighted by patients.




The Grange Surgery PPG is looking for new members. We are a friendly and active group working to support the Practice 

We meet 3-4 times a year.

If you are interested in becoming a member please contact Traci Buxton at The Grange Surgery and she will pass your details on to the PPG group or fill in an expression of interest form (below) & return it to the Practice

PPG Expression of Interest Form

Grange Surgery to take further action to address CQC concerns

GPs at the Grange Surgery in Petersfield today moved to reassure patients that their safety was at the top of their agenda after a recent report by independent healthcare watchdogs.

The report by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), following its inspection on 16 October, has rated the surgery as ‘inadequate’ overall.

In three of the five categories, the CQC rated The Grange Surgery as ‘good’ for having caring services, responsive services and effective services. In the other two categories – safe and well-led services – it was rated ‘inadequate,’ although it recorded positive on nearly every indicator which comprises each of these.

GP Partners, Dr Kathryn Bannell and Dr Penny Mileham, said:

“We are obviously very disappointed by our overall rating, which we have been informed is due to ongoing issues. We regard all identified areas as being equally important for us to address and we have no intention of trying to downplay their importance. We would like to strongly reassure our 7,651 plus patients that we will take steps to address every issue of concern identified– indeed we have already been back in touch with the CQC to update them on progress.”

“We are delighted that we were rated ‘good’ for having caring, responsive and effective services and these are the areas which we think the vast majority of our patients associate with us.”

“We are also pleased that the area of effective services – deemed as requiring improvement at the previous inspection– is now rated as good. This is partly as a result of the improvements that we have made to our internal training. This gives us confidence in our ability to address any of the identified shortcomings”.

“The category regarding well-led services really relates to our management structure, which has changed in the last year because of staff recruitment issues. These new staff and new arrangements are in the process of bedding in – but this is an internal issue rather than something that directly affects our patients and we have implemented arrangements to better identify, manage and mitigate risks.”

“The category around ‘safe’ services is not about our services being unsafe – but relates mainly to what the inspectors cited as ‘continued issues and an inability to demonstrate comprehensive learning and improvement when things went wrong’.”

“Again we need to – and we will – comprehensively address each of these issues.” 

Dr Penny Mileham, CQC registered manager, said: “There is much we are pleased with in the report. The inspectors recognised that staff treat patients with kindness, respect and compassion and described high standards of care. This is a fundamental part of our practice ethos.”

“It is also very pleasing to note that the CQC report highlights four indicators from the most recent National GP Patients survey– namely that patients report a positive overall experience with our practice, confidence in the healthcare professional they saw or spoke to, the fact they were treated with care and concern and also that their healthcare professional was good at listening to them. In all four of these indicators, the satisfaction rating we achieved as a practice was higher than the average for other practices across South-Eastern Hampshire and also above the National average.”

“We clearly have further progress to make and we continue to strive to offer the best possible services we can to our patients. We are confident that the necessary improvements will be made and we thank our patients for their support as we move forward.”.


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