Seasonal Flu Vaccination

We offer this to people in ‘at-risk’ groups each Autumn. In order to stay protected from influenza you will require a vaccination every year. We normally run a large ‘flu-clinic’ at the surgery on a Saturday in September/October by appointment only.  Please call our reception team to book an appointment.

Who should have the seasonal flu vaccination?

It is recommended you have a flu jab if you:

•  are 65 or over,

•  have a serious medical condition (see below),

•  live in a residential or nursing home,

•  main carer for an elderly or disabled person whose welfare may be at risk if you fall ill

•  are a healthcare or social care professional directly involved in patient care


The seasonal flu jab is offered free of charge to anyone  with the following medical conditions, as they are at higher risk of catching flu:

•  chronic (long-term) respiratory disease, such as severe asthma, COPD or bronchitis,

•  chronic heart disease, such as heart failure,

•  chronic kidney disease,

•  chronic liver disease,

•  chronic neurological disease, such as Parkinson’s disease or motor neurone disease,

diabetes, or

•  a weakened immune system due to disease (such as HIV/AIDS) or treatment (such as cancer treatment.


More information can be obtained about flu vaccination by going to:

If you are not entitled to a free flu vaccination, they are also offered through some pharmacies.


Children aged 2 and 3 will be given the vaccination at their general practice, usually by the practice nurse.

Children who are 4 years old are also eligible for flu vaccination provided they were 3 on 31 August 2019.

These children should be offered the vaccination at their general practice.

Primary school children in Year R – Year 6 will be offered their vaccination in school.

Children who are home educated will also be offered the vaccine, provided they’re in an eligible age group.

More information can be obtained about the child flu vaccination by clicking here.