Patient Participation Group

Patients of The Grange Surgery – Have Your Say!

Who are we?

We are a group of patients who have volunteered to work alongside the practice in representing the views and interests of our fellow patients.  Membership of the Grange Patient Participation Group (GPPG) is open to anyone who is a patient of the surgery up to a maximum of 14 people.  Currently we have 9 members.

What do we do?

Periodically (6-8 weeks) we meet with the Deputy Practice Manager, Gerard Kavanagh, to discuss ways in which we can help the wider patient population.  This may take the form of disseminating information about changes taking place within the surgery/NHS, conducting patient surveys, or undertaking a campaign to support a particular patient related cause.

If you have views on how health services are provided locally the Grange Patient Participation Group (GPPG) would like to hear from you.  If you are interested in joining the GPPG please do not hesitate to contact the surgery at:

The current membership of the GPPG is:

Sandie Boocock    • Dianne Wilton    • Sue Yule   • Sue Ward

Kevin Cairns  • Jean Morgan   • Juliet Stubbings   • Ron Richards

Please Note:  The GPPG is not a body through which complaints should be submitted.  If you have a complaint please refer to The Grange Surgery Complaints Procedure

The Grange Patient Reference Group (GPRG)

This is a group of patients whose contact details are held by the practice and who can be contacted for their views on specific issues. Any patient can register to be in this group – an e-mail address would be an advantage, but is not essential.  This database is particularly helpful when the practice undertakes patient surveys.

Patient Survey – Results

We are pleased to be able to share with you the results of our summer patient survey.  The PPG has since convened a meeting to discuss these results and design an action plan for implementing them. Click Here to see the results.

GP Patient Survey 2018

Please click here for the GP Patient Survey. We hope you find it an interesting read.